BT30 BT40 BT50 Clé Pour BT40 SK40 DIN69872 du porte-Outil, Tirez Goujon clé de Rétention Bouton de la clé de la Machine CNC Accessoire

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SKU: w306


Le Nom De La Marque OKDE OUTILSApplication tire

Mots-clés: BT40, bt30 titulaire, nt40, sk 40, bt30, mazda bt50, iso20 porte-outil, support d'arbre sk30, ajuster la clé, c12 fmb22.

Marat0spanov 2020-12-04


Charles Wang 2021-01-07

Very good product...

Sborsofta 2020-09-11

expensive, but really amazing quality!

Spinkin07 2020-12-10

This is a very well made wrench. The tolerance is tight enough that you have to get it right over the nut so it will slide on. The only negative I can come up with is inherent to box-end wrenches. i.e.: the router bit needs to be smaller than the inside of the wrench. But that's why I have an open-end wrench as well. However on a daily basis, I will be reaching for this wrench when possible.

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